Баня-сауна «Кит»

Русско-финская баня, печка на березовых дровах, хамам.

Русско-финская баня, печка на березовых дровах, хамам. до 14 человек

от 2000 до 5000 тг.

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Новая баня-сауна «Кит», построенная из цельного сибирского сосового бревна по классической русской технологии, с любовью из глубин тайги!

К Вашим услуга две двух этажные сауны и семейная баня, с печками на березовых дровах, с гималайскими солевыми камнями создающие изумительный пар полезный для Вашего здоровья.

русская, финская, турецкая (хамам), баня на дровах

Вместимость бани, сауны (человек)

Вместимость парной, человек

душевая комната, ведро-водопад

Банные принадлежности
выбор веников, ароматы для парной, полотенца, простыни, тапочки, купальные шапочки, гель для душа, шапки для парной, варежки для парной, фен

берёзовый, дубовый

парковка, комнаты отдыха, семейная

ТВ, DVD, большой телевизор, Wi-Fi

охраняемая, бесплатная

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We went to Баня-сауна «Кит» which advertises as "Русско-финская баня, печка на березовых дровах, хамам". It is located at little bit outside city on the right bank but not far. From Radisson Hotel on the Right Bank of Astana, it would be about 6-7 Kms. drive. It is located at Адрес: ул. Бейсекова, 9/4, Астана and was not difficult at all to find it. We were four: my wife, her parents and I as our attempt to find exclusive place only for two of us failed. In phone, we understood that there would be two seperate rooms for parents and for us but when we reached that was not the case. We all four had to use one сауна for two hours and the cost was 10,000 KZT in total. There must be some misunderstanding on the phone but we did not make any issue. What we decided was parents will go first and we went upstairs to watch TV for an hour. Parents finished washing in 45-50 minutes and dressed and came up. They sat in TV room, watched TV and drank tea while we were taking bath downstairs for another 1 hour and 10 minutes. To be very honest, 1 hour 10 minutes was more than enough and we were satisfied with the services. In the meantime, they charged another 500 KZT for hot water. That was strange for us! The overall experience was good for us. So, do we go to that place - Баня-сауна «Кит» "Русско-финская баня, печка на березовых дровах, хамам" Адрес: ул. Бейсекова, 9/4, Астана again? The answer is: NO. Why? Let's talk good things about the place: 1. It was a private one. Once you close the door, you have your own space. No one knocked the door, disturbed us for another two hours. We had cupboards for our clothes, two or three showering places and sufficient space, good and clean heating room. From the stairs, you could go up, sit around the table, watch TV and if you want lie on the bed. Now, I realise that the TV did not have remote but it was not a big deal. The most important thing was that it was clean, no one disturbed us once an old man came out after putting fire inside the oven/chamber. There were extra woods and we could add more when we wanted. And, what we did not like? 1. Since we were looking for two private "сауна" for parents and us and we wanted to take bath at the same time at two different places, we were denied that opportunity. Instead of two hours, we could wash ourselves only for an hour. 2. And, the biggest problem was their customer service. The place is managed by two old people. Two old husband and wife (два старых дедушка и бабушка) and I think they have hearing problem or rather their manners. They were shouting all the time at the top of their voice. We were met by loud and noisy answers for our every questions. They were polite but there was a cacophony. I can easily handle such noises, perk of being from India :), however, it is not so pleasant when you go for relaxation and leisure. We chased them quickly from our room by literally shouting them back to leave the place so that we can start and slammed the door. Thereafter, things proceeded fine though we could hear still some noises from outside Sauna room. The wooden walls were too thin to stop their loud voices. So, that's all. It is unlikely that we will go there again but when we were in Sauna, we forgot all the problems, the noisy cacophony before we started. It was a hot room and we were too busy cleaning, washing and relaxing. Suggest us the place you have been!


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